Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Is How to Teach Reading a Mystery?

Reading Proficiency in the U.S. 2015

Is How to Teach Reading a Mystery?

Notes from Jacquie: It was my intention to write a post about the state of reading in the U.S. Topics, would of course, include Department of Education requirements and the complex strand of ever-changing jargon, regulations, curriculum, assessments, and funding structures that  lead ultimately to the classroom. In otherwords I was writing myself into a quagmire of detail.

Instead, I will say thank you to the many hard-working teachers who are doing their best to teach  in spite of constraints placed on their efforts. 

Reading Proficiency 2015
The state of reading in the U.S. speaks for itself. The National Report Card tells us the vast majority of our students are not reading at grade level. More detailed information can be found at National Report Card website.

This blog and the Reading Company Bookshelf will continue to highlight successful instruction, the heroes of education,  and books that support reading in a wide-range of curriculum areas.

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