Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fifteen Second Read

The Fifteen Second Read

Note from Jacquie: I have included this activity in upper elementary through college lesson plans. Students do have fun while they are learning. It is important to clarify the roles of timekeeper and lightswitcher before beginning this activity. The fifteen Second Read is included in the soon-to-be published How to Teach Reading Using Rhoades to Reading Revisited. Wishing you happy teaching.

The Fifteen Second Read can be used for practice with any word list. The process for conducting the read is as follows:

— Select a timekeeper. The timekeeper watches the clock and says, “Please begin” to tell students to begin reading and “Please stop” to tell students to stop reading. He says  “Switch partners” to indicate it is time to switch partners. He should provide five (5) seconds for students to switch partners.

— Select a light switcher. The light switcher turns the lights on and off when the timekeeper gives the signal. The light is on when students read. The light is off when partners are changing the reading role and when students are finding a new partner.

— Provide a word list to each student.

— Have students stand and find a partner. Students may stand in any open space in the room.

— The partner with the first name beginning closest to the letter A (or choose another letter) begins reading

— When the timekeeper and Light Switcher give the signal, reading begins. When they give the signal to stop, reading stops.

— When the timekeeper and light switcher give the signal, the partner who has not read begins reading. When they give the signal to stop, reading stops.

— When the signal is given, each pair of students must find someone he has not worked with during this activity.

The process is repeated.

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