Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Song for Papa Crow

Song for Papa Crow

By Marit Menzin

Written Especially for Kindergarten--Second Grade Students. However, is enjoyed by children and adults alike.

A bonus of fun facts about birds common, to North America, can be found at the end of the book.

Little Crow loves to sing, and Papa Crow loves his song. 

When Little Crow shares his crow songs with the other birds at the big old tree they laugh and scatter. 

Maybe Mockingbird can teach him to sing songs with the finches, flycatchers, and cardinals and help him make some friends. 

But Little Crow should be careful what he wishes for... Using Mockingbird's tip, Little Crow quickly becomes the most popular bird on the block. 

But, in a moment of danger, he learns that singing someone else's song can have terrible consequences and that his own voice and his father's love is of the greatest value. 

Note from Jacquie: Marit Menzin is an award winning artist well-known for her work in collage.

She applies her artistic talent to her first book, Song for Papa Crow. This outstanding book outlines the journey of Little Crow finding his place in the bird-world. It has been read and re-read by my grandchildren and holds a special place on our book shelf.

A Note from the Author  Marit Menzin Author Page
When I was a baby, my three aunts came for a visit, and each brought with her a gift. One sang me a lullaby and she taught me her songs. The second one showed me a beautiful picture of the world. My third aunt told me a sweet fairy tale and she hugged me with her words.

The moment that I could hold a crayon, I started doodling, and each picture came with a song. In my magical world, I looked for the first flowers that grew after the rain. I observed with wonder my puppies and kittens and other animals and creatures, including the humans around me. When I learned how to read, I couldn’t stop, and even as I grew older, I still looked eagerly for picture books, simply because I had to know exactly what the characters in the book looked like.

Later, I forgot about my aunts’ gifts. My dream was to be. . . an inventor. I studied chemistry and biology, and later computer science.

After my children were born, Curious George reminded me of my childhood curiosity, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar and My Mama Had a Dancing Heart brought back my passion for colors and words. Yes, this was when I remembered my gifts and became an inventor of books.


Marit Menzin's collages have been seen in galleries, magazines, and numerous other publications. Marit's illustrations have won various awards from the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, and her picture book Song for Papa Crow won a Mom's Choice Award Gold Honor for distinguished Illustration.

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