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Starting the New Year with a Game

Starting the New Year with a Game

Notes from Jacquie: Over the years my elementary through college classes have played this game many times.Simply divide the class in half and ask the students to turn their desks or chairs to face each other. In doing so they form two teams. Provide five to ten minutes for the teams to study and let the games begin. Being a teacher is so much fun!

Detailed instructions below.

Comprehension Competition

Comprehension Competition is intended to be a supportive activity to be used when the instructor believes appropriate.

-In order to play this game, vocabulary words must be written on the board.
-The instructor announces to the class the number of minutes allowed to play the game.
-A small ball is required.
-Divide the class into two equal teams.
-The instructor is the judge.
-Arrange the desks or chairs so the teams are facing each other.
-The instructor begins the game by tossing the ball to one of the team members while saying a vocabulary word.
-The player has fifteen (15) seconds to say the definition.
-If he says the definition correctly, the team gets a point.
-Regardless of whether the answer is correct or incorrect, the player in possession of the ball. He tosses the ball to a member of the other team.  while saying a vocabulary word.
-The receiver of the ball must say the definition in fifteen (15) seconds.
-The game is played in even rounds until the instructor calls time is up. The team with the most points is the winner.

This activity was originally published in the 1999 version of Rhoades to Reading. Cooperative Competition, will be included  in the 2016 Kindle edition How to Teach Reading using Rhoades to Reading Revisited. To receive notification of publication add your address to the email link or follow google+. 

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