Saturday, April 15, 2017

Tribute to Micah Fowler- Star of Speechless

Notes from Jacquie: There is no doubt that  Micah Fowler  is a hero. He is the type of hero that moves through his life following his dreams despite prejudice and doors that may require several knocks to enter.

Micah Fowler acts as an advocate for the United Cerebral Palsy Organization which provides inspiration to young people finding their way in the world. The United Cerebral Palsy Organization (UCP) offers parents, teachers, and community members a wealth of information and resources.

While verbal in his life outside acting, on the TV show Speechless, Micah plays a nonverbal young man who uses a communication board.

Communication boards are used when a person can not communicate verbally. For example, stroke victims, and people recovering from various types of throat surgeries, Amy's Speech and Language Therapy site offers a variety of boards to view and download.

Carrie Clark provides clear instructions on how to build a communication board with a cookie sheet. Helpful to both parents and teachers.

Thank you to Micah Fowler, the program Speechless, all our resources for increasing our understanding!