Level B: Grades 3.0-4.9

Rhoades to Reading Student Workbook B

Workbook B contains reading curriculum for grades three and four.Students will learn essential standards for reading, writing, written and oral English language conventions.

Skills taught include:
basic words 201-300;
complex word families;
root (base words) & suffixes -er, -ed, -ing;
suffix -ive and sound pattern -ive;
suffix -ance and sound pattern -ance

8 stories,
39 reading sheets,
24 worksheets,
14 word puzzles,
7 timed readings,
4 rubrics,
handwriting example,
history of the English Language.

Teaching Guide for Workbook B

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Reduces Lesson Planning Time

The purpose of Rhoades to Reading Teaching Guide for Workbook B is to reduce lesson planning time by providing a step-by-step outline for each lesson. The workbook may be used independently of the teaching guide.

Whether you are coming from behind, you want to stay on track or move ahead, Rhoades to Reading will work for you.

Authors of stories included in Level B

  • Christie Rose
  • Brian Mossing
  • Melissa Mitchell
  • Chris R. Workman
  • Corrine Contreras Workman
  • Sue Moss

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