Level D: Grades 7.0-8.9

Rhoades to Reading Workbook D

Workbook D contains reading curriculum for grades seven and eight. Students will learn essential standards for reading, writing, written and oral English language conventions.

Workbook D is an anthology with supporting activities.

  • Where Did That Come From by Christie Rose
  • New Kid in School by Claudine M. Jalajas
  • Maple Syrup by Claudine M. Jalajas
  • The Day the Bear Caught the Show by Christie Rose
  • The Year of Confusion by Marsha L. Schuh
  • Thumb and Cucumbers by Ann Marie Reese
  • Yesterday by Jennifer Wright
  • School of Stone by Ruth Solomon
  • The Greatest Measure Every by Ruth Solomon
  • The Elusive Eel by Sybille Watson-Jones
  • Why Are Railroads Made That Way by Christie Rose
  • Gato by Elizabeth Boatman
  • Bullies Bug Me by Joseph Tintle
  • Queen of Coleslaw by Annemarie B. Tait
  • An Ode to Old Joe by Mary Ann Robinson
-15 stories, 
-11 writing assignments, 
-writing rubric & checklist, 
-15 worksheets, 
-5 word searches, 1
 -contrast and compare assignment, 
-2 pre-reading activities.

Teaching Guide for Workbook D

The purpose of Teaching Guide for Workbook D is to reduce lesson planning time by providing a step-by-step outline for each lesson. 

The workbook may be used independently of the teaching guide.

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