Level C: Grades 5.0-6.9

 Student Workbook C

Contains reading curriculum for grades five and six.Students will learn essential standards for reading, writing, written and oral English language conventions.

Skills taught include:
-spelling challenges,
-suffix -ity,
-suffix -able,
-suffix -ation and word pattern ation,
-y as a vowel,
-suffix -some,
-suffix -ment,
-suffix -ly,
-suffix -ness,
-suffix -ful,
-suffix -less,
-ce & ci, & cy with the sound of /s/,
-past tense rules, past tense words that don't follow the rules,
-rubrics for reading, writing, and story writing.

-10 stories,
-36 worksheets,
-12 word puzzles,
-30 reading Sheets,
-4 writing assignments,
-1 timed reading

Teaching Guide for Workbook C

The purpose of Rhoades to Reading Teaching Guide for Workbook C is to reduce lesson planning time by providing a step-by-step outline for each lesson. The workbook may be used independently of the teaching guide.

Authors of stories included in Level C:

  • Jacqueline Rhoades
  • Amy Sterling Casil
  • Christie Rose
  • Tashina Manyak
  • Jane Clarahan Method
  • Ruben Perez

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