Level A: Grades K-2.9

Rhoades to Reading Student Workbook A

Workbook A contains reading curriculum for grades kindergarten through grade 2. Students will learn essential standards for reading, writing, written and oral English language conventions.

Skills taught include: Upper and lower case letter recognition, 

consonant and short vowel sounds, 
consonant-vowel-consonant words, 
basic sight words 1-200, 
consonant digraphs, 
beginning consonant blends, 
final consonant blends, 
the silent "e" rule, 
three letter blends and clusters, 
common word families, common suffixes and word patterns, 
r-controlled vowels, vowel digraphs, 
sentence writing rubric, paragraph writing rubric, 
story writing rubric. 

Skills practice opportunities are included for all skills taught. 
Included are 5 stories, 1 poem, 8 game sheets, 115 reading sheets and 51 worksheets. 

This program is appropriate for elementary, secondary, and adult students.

Workbook A may be used independently of the teaching guide..The Teaching Guide for Workbook A (2nd Edition) includes specific step-by-step instructions for teaching each lesson.

Teaching Guide for Workbook A

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The purpose of Teaching Guide for Workbook A is to reduce lesson planning time by providing a step-by-step outline for each lesson. The workbook may be used independently of the teaching guide.

Authors of stories included in Level A
  • Jacqueline Rhoades
  • Russel E. Spooner
  • Jenna Kreeger

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