Thursday, May 14, 2015

What About Breeze Revisited

This Kindle book was published in 2012.  Author: Robin B. Ziger  Illustrator: Dena Ackerman
My granddaughter recently read this book and enjoyed it so much, I decided to share information about this excellent book once again. If interested in obtaining more information about this book, the Amazon "click" is available to the left.

Author Summary:

Daniela Schwartz, a city girl, has moved to the country. She is expecting a very boring summer until she meets Tamika Rogers, a confident young girl, and Hodari, her mischievous horse. The two girls discover Breeze, a very sick Quarter horse, and her poor and troubled elderly owner, Mrs. Casey. Can the girls, who are very different from one another, become friends? Will they be able to convince Daniela’s parents that Daniela is responsible enough to own a horse? Most importantly, can they save poor Breeze from “horse heaven?”

Jacquie's Review:

What About Breeze? grabs the reader's attention in the first paragraph by introducing Daniela, the main character, as angry, frustrated, and lonely. Daniela finds herself far away from anything familiar after her family moved from the city to the country. Daniela soon finds a new friend, Tamika, and together they begin their adventures.

This middle school novel weaves Daniela's positive problem solving into a very interesting multi-cultural story line. Robin Zeiger's background as a clinical psychologist, horse owner, as well as her knowledge of many cultures draws the reader in a believable experience.

Congratulations to Robin Zeiger for adding this book to our middle school libraries.

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