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The Magic of Belief created by Dr. Reuven Feuerstein

The Magic of Belief Created by Dr. Reuven Feuerstein

Dr. Reuven Feuerstein 1921-2014

Notes from Jacquie: I was first introduced to the work of  Dr .Feuerstein the 1980’s. The workshop presented by, Mogens Jensen, provided many of the tools that I have used in both teaching and writing curriculum through the years.

When I decided to write a post about this teaching icon, I dusted off the course text book and was surprised to find my lecture notes folded neatly within the pages. The information regarding mediated learning, included in this post, is taken from these notes. But first, an introduction to Dr. Feuerstein. 

Dr. Feuerstein, a holocaust survivor himself, began his work with the children who had been separated from their families because of the holocaust. He refused to believe the low IQ scores associated with these children were really an indicator their learning potential. He dispelled the concept that present performance is and indicator of student limits. His subsequent work directly with students, and in his research and writing, proved intelligence is not static but a dynamic process that can lead to success for all students.

Quote form Instrumental Enrichment (page xi): Many have tried, heroically, to enhance the mental performance and scholastic achievement of low functioning children from disadvantaged families. Most have taken the form of curriculum content manipulation or a range of early intervention strategies focused in varying degrees on the child or family. The success of these endeavors, measured in terms of enduring success, has been limited, at best. 

The Feuerstein Institute,  located in Israel, summarizes their belief as follows:

At the Feuerstein Institute, we believe that everyone - regardless of age, etiology or disability - has the immeasurable ability to enhance their learning aptitude and heighten their intelligence

Professor Feuerstein's theories and programs are used throughout the world in over eighty countries. The YouTube videos included in this post are but a few of many available to those who wish to learn more about his programs.

A Few Components of the Mediated Learning Experience (MLE)

  • produces a propensity to learn how to learn by equipping the person with the tools necessary for learning
  • when learning to master a situation, the child must learn to cope with a sequence of events located in time and space
  • cognitive process result in the structural elements that transcend specific content and context in which they occur
  • cognitive modifiability refers to the structural changes in the person's brain with a deliberate programs of interventions that will facilitate the generation of continuous growth
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